The Latest Cash Flow Advice, Industry Trends, and Product Enhancements

The True Costs of Relying on Manual Accounts Receivable

Your finance department has been using the same manual Accounts Receivable (AR) processes, aging spreadsheets, and dunning campaigns for years...

Tesorio is the “Easiest Company To Do Business With”, and we can prove it

That is what truly matters at the end of the day—when you celebrate your customers’ success, and they, in turn, celebrate your success as their own. So here’s to our customers and thank you all for sharing your voices with others. We are honored to be considered that type of partner for you.

Solving the Cash Flow Forecasting Problem

Facing an uncertain economy, many companies still have difficulty gaining visibility into the cash and working capital they need to survive and thrive...

5 Ways Artificial Intelligence (AI) Can Revolutionize Cash Flow Performance

In 2018, Gartner predicted that, “By 2020, embedded AI will become a key differentiating factor” in streamlining critical functions, such as cash flow performance. As anticipated by the global...

Cash Flow Performance is the Key to Capital Decision-Making

McKinsey & Company estimates that managers at your typical Fortune 500 company collectively “waste more than 500,000 days a year on ineffective decision making.” That’s likely because they rely on instinct rather than data when making decisions.

Cash Inflows and Outflows: Is Your Company Vulnerable?

The macroeconomic disruptions of 2020 were unprecedented and widespread. It’s vitally important to understand your company’s particular vulnerabilities, which a deep dive into cash flow can reveal.